Moroccan Tile Samples Policy

Our tiles are artisan made tiles, they are custom  and traditionally handcrafted in Morocco by our tile artisans.

Each tile order or tile sample is custom handcrafted. We do not keep any stock . Each tile order is custom made for each customer. Making samples is same as making an entire tile order because we have to custom make the color pigments from scratch, then make the base tiles from clay, let them dry in the sun and apply the color pigments and glazes then bake them in kiln (wood fired oven). Each tile color requires a specific process including the mixture of color pigments and glazes as well as the proper temperature for baking.

Each foot sample costs $ 599.00 ( $ 299.00 is the cost to make one square foot sample + $ 300.00 is the cost to ship one sq/ft sample from Morocco to you). We will credit the cost of sample toward a confirmed purchase order order of at least 50 sq/ft of tiles.