We wanted to take the time to answer some of the frequent questions we have gotten over the years in one place, so that you can make informed decisions about your interiors.

Q: My Zellige tiles have chips off the surface of the tiles.  I think they are damaged?

Rest assured, this is not a defect of the tile. Please note the following features of Zellige mosaics are not defects, they are standard features of a zellige tile and what make them so incredibly beautiful once installed. 

-  Chips off the surface of the glaze exposing the clay beneath or imperfections on the tile face
- Dips in the surface of the tile
-  Uneven edging of the tile
-  Ink or pen on the glaze surface
-  The epoxy resin at the back coming through to the front of the mosaic
-  For assembled sheets – uneven gaps between mosaics pieces.
-  Variation in colour between tile pieces
-  The exposure of the clay beneath the tile
-  Uneven or inconsistent thickness of each tile, each tile will vary from the next

Shade variations are inherent in all kiln fired clay products. It is possible that the tiles you receive will be slightly different from the sample or display shown to you in the showroom - this is normal.

Q: What size grout should I use?

This is one of the most common questions we get, typically framed as ‘how much space should I leave in between each tile?’ aka what should the grout width be? Grout width is definitely something you want to take your time to consider because the size of the grout line can really change the way a finished tile installation looks and feels. But we want to start off by emphasising that there is no wrong or right answer. Just what makes your heart and soul sing when you see it  :)

A smaller grout width, such as 1-3mm thick allows for more movement between the tiles and an overall greater focus on their texture. A larger grout width, such as 5-10mm thick, will draw more emphasis to the grout and create unique and exciting patterns. As always you want to balance your aesthetic vision with your practical needs. The smaller the grout space the less maintenance required, as there is less surface area for spills to get absorbed into. However, large grout sizes are by no means unmanageable. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference, and the overall look and feel you are going for.

Q: Why is the color and tone of my tile so varied?

Zellige is made by hand in an extremely organic way. Each batch varies from the next as our artisans have learnt this art form from their ancestors. The colors that are mixed are by memory. Depending on the location of the tile in the kiln ( Higher up or lower down) the tone of the color will vary. This is what gives the tile their inherent tonal variation and makes them so uniquely bespoke and beautiful Each tile is different from the next. 

Q: Do I need to use a sealant?

If your tiles are unglazed, a natural stone or cement base, then yes you require a sealant to protect your tiles and decrease the porosity of the tile . However glazed tiles (such as all of our glazed Zellige tiles) do not need a sealant. It’s recommended that you use a good quality, water-based penetrating sealant. Don’t worry, the sealant won’t change the colour or texture of the tile at all, it will just absorb right in. Once applied, any spills or splatters will bead on the surface and can be easily wiped away. In terms of what sealant to use its best to chat to your builder or tiler as they likely have a sealant they regularly use and can recommend. 

Q: How should I be cleaning my tiles?

Our tiles are very easy to clean. You should use a PH neutral cleaner, so nothing acidic, and definitely no bleach or harsh chemicals. When in doubt, it’s best to use warm soapy water. In terms of how often you should be cleaning your tiles, it depends on how high traffic the area is. We like to recommend doing a clean every change of season.

Q: Do you need a specialist tiler to install handmade tiles?

No not at all, any professional tiler is able to install our tiles. They are very workable and do not require specialist training to be installed. Our team is more than happy to speak with your tiler or builder if they have any questions.

Q: Where I can use your tiles? Are they okay for wet areas and floors? 

Our handmade Moroccan Tiles and Mediterranean handpainted tiles are perfect for decorative accents on swimming pool waterline, stairs, fountains, kitchen, bathrooms, vanities, window surrounds, fireplaces and can be used for indoor and outdoor flooring. The possibilities are truly endless!


Q: Do your products have long lead times?

The approximate lead-time to make and deliver the tiles to you is approximately 8 weeks or longer depending on the size of your order.