Moroccan Tiles Technical Information

Our Moroccan tiles also know as Zellige are entirely crafted by hand and consists of 100% handmade clay. Small imperfections such as tiny cracks and chips that add character to the rustic nature of the tile are not considered a defect.  All Moroccan Tiles  items are handmade in Morocco; these tiles must be treated/considered in a similar manner to a natural product. Each tile is different from the next, as they are made by hand, specific for your project. 

Please note the following features of Zellige mosaics are not defects, they are what constitute an authentic Zellige tile:

  • Chips off the surface of the glaze exposing the clay beneath or Imperfections on the tile face 
  • Dips in the surface of the tile
  • Uneven edging of the tile
  • Ink or pen on the glaze surface The epoxy resin at the back coming through to the front of the mosaic For assembled sheets
  • uneven gaps between mosaics pieces. Variation in color between tile pieces  The exposure of the clay beneath the tile Uneven or inconsistent thickness of each tile
  • each tile will vary from the next  Shade variations are inherent in all kiln fired clay products. It is possible that the tiles you receive will be slightly different from the sample or display shown to you in the showroom - this is normal, and the absolute beauty of Zellige.  All goods are sold subject to their normal and natural color variations, and samples given or displayed in the  showroom or received by mail are to be considered indicative only.